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Bruno Antonio Buike, Germany

Buike science in CORE, Columbia University NY

Buike music in CORE Columbia University NY

freelance research writer and classical music composer registered to

  • German National Library “Bruno Buike” – approx 300 items or so
  • Austrian National Library “Bruno Buike – approx 10 items related to history of Autria – Hungary
  • other libraries

In January 2023 with HELP of Humanities Commons are accessible in Core-ac-uk 596 Buike-files, pdf, mp3,mp4. It therefor is considered inevitable, to make use of this tiny, little word: THANKS!

NO DEGREE whatever – but SOME courses in “coursera”

  • University of Tokyo – On peace
  • University of Singapure – composing like Mozart
  • University of Edingburgh – basic music theory
  • University of Princeton (no certificate offered)¬† – Peace and War
  • University of Zurich – Time and Space in Nordic Sagas
  • University of Wellesley (NY) – on Greek history (too late for certificate)

otherwise contact  to NPTEL MOOC, Madras India РOn Carnatic Music (of Sourthern India)


squirrel – how it all started with building collections

Buike Science And Music